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In many counties in Central Florida, the police will attempt to diffuse a heated altercation by transporting one of the participants to jail. Misdemeanor assault can be defined as simply as threatening to do harm to another and causing them fear that the defendant will carry out that threat. Battery includes the allegation that the accused has intentionally touched someone against their will. This battery allegation may be more severe if there are serious injuries to the battered person. Many times, those accused of domestic violence against a spouse, family member or significant other will be arrested and restricted from having contact with that person while the case is pending as well as not being allowed to return to the shared residence. These restrictions can be addressed with the help of an attorney and there are many valid defenses to the allegations of assault, battery and domestic violence.

Domestic Violence charges? Call 407-487-2522 (Orlando / Orange County), 407-796-9179 (Longwood / Seminole County) or 407-796-9563 (Kissimmee / Osceola County) to speak with a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. For a free initial confidential consultation, call today.

With three convenient locations (Orlando, Longwood and Kissimmee), the criminal defense lawyers at The Ladan Law Firm, P.A. defend individuals charged with domestic violence and other violent crimes associated with spousal abuse, child abuse and child neglect, including assault, battery, manslaughter and murder.

All of our criminal defense lawyers have significant experience as prosecutors, including experience prosecuting violent crimes such as domestic abuse as well as child abuse leading to serious injury or death. Every attorney also has at least ten years of criminal law experience. We understand how to try a case and we believe our aggressive approach can lead to more favorable plea offers.

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We also represent people in hearings involving restraining orders or domestic injunctions, as well as defend people against charges of violating restraining orders.

Serious charges call for serious legal representation. We can help you understand your domestic violence charge and advise you, based on our experience, of the most likely outcome.

To schedule a free initial confidential consultation to discuss your domestic violence, manslaughter, assault, battery or criminal neglect charges with a former prosecutor and experienced criminal defense attorney, call us at 407-487-2522 (in Orlando / Orange County), at 407-796-9179 (in Longwood / Seminole County) or at 407-796-9563 (in Kissimmee / Osceola County), or you can fill out an intake form on our contact page. We will fight to protect your rights and for your freedom.

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