Heroin Drug Charges

Florida treats heroin very severely as it relates to dealing and more appropriately, to trafficking. Heroin doesn’t require a large quantity to be considered trafficking, and in fact, 4 grams or more can qualify as a trafficking offense, which really isn’t a lot. If you are caught selling and/or trafficking in heroin, you are facing the real possibility of serving a minimum mandatory prison sentence, which means a day-for-day prison sentence based on the quantity of heroin involved, and it can be substantial. It is a very serious offense and it is treated as one. It’s imperative that you hire a qualified drug crime attorney in Orlando to determine if you have any defenses and if there’s any opportunities for you to protect yourself from those consequences.

Will you go to jail?

It’s entirely possible that if you’ve been caught with heroin that you will see a jail sentence. A lot of our courts and judges view heroin as a dangerous drug, and as a result, often want to make sure that incarceration is a component of any sentence. Along with probation, counseling, and treatment. Yes, it is entire possible that you could be looking at jail time. The quantity of heroin possessed, as well as the nature of your criminal record also play a role. But yes, many courts and many judges do consider heroin and other dangerous drugs to be worthy of jail sentences.

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Is it a felony?

Possession of drugs can be felony offenses in Florida. The only non-felony offense in Florida, at least presently is a misdemeanor possession of marijuana. If you’re accused of possessing marijuana and the quantity of marijuana, the actual weight of that marijuana is twenty grams or less, that’s a misdemeanor. Possessing any other drug, even a legal prescription, even a single pill of a legal prescription, can be a felony if it’s not your prescriptions and you’re not entitled to possess it. Yes, almost every drug offense in Florida is a felony.

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