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Over 30 Years of Combined Criminal Defense Experience

"I found Ladan Law on the internet and gave them a call regarding a ticket that I had received. They were very nice and went above and beyond to help win my case. They took every step to ensure that I got the best plea possible. In the end, I did not end up with the DUI charge. If you feel you were wronged in the DUI that you received I would tell you"

  • Orlando Criminal Defense" data-mosaic-order-date="2013-02-15 15:28:57">
    Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney If you are arrested for a crime, whether it’s a
  • Orlando
    DUI" data-mosaic-order-date="2013-02-15 15:29:21">
    We can help,.If you are pulled over and charged with Driving under the influence.
  • Theft, Fraud
    & Forgery" data-mosaic-order-date="2013-02-15 15:29:51">
    Orlando and Central Florida Theft Crime Defense Attorneys Fighting for Your Rights and Freedom
  • Sex
    Crimes" data-mosaic-order-date="2013-02-15 15:30:35">
    Florida Sex Crimes Penalties | Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers When it comes to sex crimes,
  • Domestic
    Violence Law" data-mosaic-order-date="2013-09-18 00:22:24">
    Orlando Domestic Violence Law | Domestic Violence Law Charges Any criminal attorney in central Florida
  • Juvenile
    Offenses" data-mosaic-order-date="2013-09-18 00:52:54">
    Juvenile Offenses and What You Need to Know | Orlando Defense Attorney Usually when someone
  • Drug
    Crimes" data-mosaic-order-date="2013-02-15 15:31:01">
    Orlando and Central Florida: Drug Crime Defense Attorneys Fighting for Your Rights and Freedom
  • Traffic
    Offenses" data-mosaic-order-date="2013-09-18 01:22:04">
    Defending Traffic Offenses in Kissimmee and Orlando You Need a Qualified Florida Traffic Lawyer
  • Federal
    Offenses" data-mosaic-order-date="2013-09-18 01:49:24">
    Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers If you have been charged with a federal offense, such

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