Drunk Driving in Orlando

Drunk driving is one of the most serious charges you can face. In the city of Orlando, drunk driving is a criminal offense. The consequences are serious and can affect the rest of your life. If you have been subject to a drunk driving arrest in Orlando, or involved in a drunk driving accident, you should contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. In the state of Florida you have a limited amount of time to contact a lawyer and build a solid drunk driving criminal defense in Orlando.

What is drunk driving?

Drunk driving occurs when a person drives an automobile after consuming alcoholic beverages to the extent that his or her ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired. Drunk driving can be called many different names, depending on which state you live in. Common names are driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while impaired (DWI).

Can I be charged with drunk driving even if my driving is fine?

Many people charged with drunk driving will argue that their driving was fine. These people believe that the police officer made some other excuse to pull them over, and that it had nothing to do with their driving.

Each state has it’s own maximum permissible blood alcohol content. You can be considered legally drunk if your blood alcohol level is above the state limit even if you do not feel intoxicated. The legal limit in Orlando is .08% but you can be charged with drunk driving if your BAC is at a lower level and your driving is still visibly impaired.

If you are pulled over for a problem with your vehicle such as a broken brake light, and the officer suspects you of drunk driving, he or she may investigate further. Essentially, even if your driving was not impaired, you are guilty of drunk driving if your blood alcohol level is above the legal limit.

The consequences of an Orlando drunk driving accident can be very serious, especially if someone has been injured or killed. Contact an experienced lawyer right away.

Drunk driving law

The penalties for drunk driving vary. For your first DUI you can spend up to nine months in jail depending on your blood alcohol content. You will pay a fine from $500 to $2,000, and your license will be suspended for 180 days to one year.

There are certain variables that the court will take into account when determining the harshness of your punishment:

  • Blood alcohol content level
  • Going more than 20mph over the speed limit
  • The presence of a minor in the vehicle
  • Refusal to submit to chemical testing
  • Having a prior drunk driving conviction

Contact a drunk driving lawyer in Orlando as soon as possible to seek the best possible outcome for your case.

With over 40 years of combined legal experience and thousands of cases to date, the attorneys at The Ladan Law Firm, P.A. are well-equipped to defend you in state courts in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Volusia and Lake Counties, and in the federal court of the Middle District of Florida (Orlando).

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Author: Amir Ladan
A former assistant state attorney for Orange/Osceola Counties, Amir has handled thousands of cases and dozens of trials, ranging from DUI and traffic offenses to murder, in both adult and juvenile court.

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